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Scales and Weighing Equipment Services Ltd. is a Service, Support and Supply Company
We provide quality products and professional services and technical support to commercial 
and industrial customers. Our experience in Industrial Weighing Systems and Products is 
extensive spanning a number of Industries including Oil & Gas, Food & Beverage, Iron & 
Steel, Manufacturing & Packaging and backed up by over a decade of experience.


We supply Weighing Equipment, Scale Spare Parts, Electrical & Electronic Components, Mechanical Spare Parts 
and Kits from following Manufacturers:
Transcell  Rice Lake 
A&D Scales  Pennsylvania Scale 
Cardinal Scale Sterling Scale 
Mettler Toledo  Doran Scales 
Tedea Huntleigh  Sensortronics 
HBM  RevereTransducers 
Load Cells ; Junction boxes ; signal converters and a wide variety of spare parts 
Scales and Weighing Equipment Services Ltd. offers its services as follows: 
Scale & Weighing Systems Design; Construction; Installation; Testing and Commissioning. 
Truck Scales  Floor Scales 
Bench, Laboratory Scales & Moisture Balances  Checkweighers 
Counting Scales  Grocery and Point of Sale Scale Systems 
Wheel & Axle Weighers  Wireless Scale Systems 
Automatic Batching Systems including Weight Data Acquisition Systems. 
Software and PLC Programming  Farm and Animal Scales 
Repairs, Service and Calibration:
  • Mechanical Scales & Balances  
  • Hydraulic & Pneumatic Scale Systems 
  • Electronic and Computerised Scales 
  • Mechanical Scale Conversion to Electronic 

Why choose us? 
Scales and Weighing Equipment Services Ltd. Personnel have provided engineering and 
maintenance services, and managed projects both locally and internationally for more than 
ten years. 
Our administrative and technical personnel are well trained and experienced in their 
respective fields of involvement. Technical  personnel, engineers, technicians and skilled 
craftsmen have participated in a wide range of projects in the previously mentioned industrial 
sectors. As such our staff is now routinely familiar with the stringent requirements of 
international codes and standards and systems of compliance against which these projects are 
constructed. We make safety an intrinsic aspect of our work routine. 
We at Scales and Weighing Equipment Services Ltd. are committed to quality service to 
all our clients. We carefully consider our clients needs and project objectives and put in place 
the level of resources and capabilities required to discharge all our project obligations 
effectively and efficiently.